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New orders for Multicyclones and Axial Cyclones…

During the first few months of 2021 we have been busy with many new contracts for our removable KMCE Multicyclones and KSME Axial Cyclones for customers in Australia, the USA, Italy, India, Malaysia and the UK.  These orders included special alloys e.g. Inconel 625 (photo), as well as various CFD studies and bench tests to demonstrate performance.

New videos have been added to our YouTube channel to assist customers in the installation and maintenance of these devices.

We welcome enquiries from new clients seeking a cost effective method to remove solids from gas streams and prolong the life of downstream equipment or reduce filter change-out frequency.

Multicyclone Testing & Development…

A lot of work has been done this year (2021) developing our multi-cyclones to offer an even more cost effective and efficient solution to our customers for the removal of solid particulates and liquid mists from their gas streams.

The focus of our development efforts is on units that are simpler to install and maintain than our competitors, as well as giving a technical and performance edge.

See our YouTube channel for more info: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo9-jmlaKNqw4nZmJhodbgA



KSRS Swirl Removal System for Desanding…

We have been using the opportunities offered to us by the Covid situation to develop our designs for some of our core products, such as this example of our KSRS Swirl Removal System for sand in separators.  This is used frequently nowadays to replace the more traditional sand jetting systems because of better removal efficiency at lower water pressure and consumption.

1″ KSRS Desanding Head CFD Model

New orders for Axial Cyclones…

KSME Axial Swirltubes

During June and July various customers placed orders with us for a total of around 1000 cyclones for a range of services including mist elimination from sour natural gas as well as black powder removal at operating pressures between 25 to 100 bar.  During these difficult times we are striving to assist customers by continually improving our products through our in-house R&D programs, as well as aiming to continually reduce costs through manufacturing efficacy and design.

All Welded Cyclone Bundles…

We recently received orders from two customers for our KSME Axial Cyclones (left) and our KMCE Multi-cyclones (right) for installation inside separator vessels where the design approach is ‘sealed for life’, requiring fully welded mounting of internals into seal plates for the customers to weld directly into the vessels.  Although normally specified for installation and maintenance removal via man-holes, many of our internals can be adapted for fully welded installation with a few small modifications.  This more frequently applies to smaller vessels where it is unrealistic to install manways.

Vane Pack Vee Bank for Compact Layout…

The Vee Bank arrangement is often used to assist with the compact design of vertical or horizontal gas scrubbers / separators.  This particular example is currently being supplied to a UK pressure vessel fabricator for installation in a 1600mm dia horizontal drum with the 26″ inlet and outlet in opposite dished ends.

KVH-1 Vee Bank Vane Pack

Coronavirus Update (17 March 2020)…

We are entering uncertain and difficult times with regards to business working, meeting and travel restrictions, as well as potential disruption to the flow of goods and components internationally.

It is our intention to maintain production as close to normal as possible over the months ahead and we currently have good stock levels of most materials.

However, customers should be aware that in some instances there may be delays to production and delivery caused by circumstances beyond our control and we ask for your patience during this time of international uncertainty.  We will keep customers informed on a project / order basis.

The safety and well being of our staff, customers, suppliers and all associates is uppermost in our planning and hence we are curtailing all non essential meetings and travel for the time being.  Meetings will be held by teleconference / telephone in the first instance.

Thank you for your understanding.

Michael Kirk

Founder & Chief Executive

KSRS Sand Removal Installed…

One of our customers in Argentina recently installed some of our internals including our KSRS Swirl Removal System for desanding inside a free water knock-out separator. They sent us these nice photos.

FWKO Skid Module

KSRS Assembly


Happy New Year…


Our best wishes to all our customers, colleagues and business partners for a happy New Year and a safe and prosperous 2020.

We were fortunate to end the year with orders for over 1000 KSME Swirltubes to be fulfilled in Q1, together with a wide range of other devices including inlet diffusers, vane packs, mesh coalescers, etc, allowing us to look forward with confidence to another busy year ahead.


Double Celebration in September…

On 12th September we were delighted to receive the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey and his Deputy, to make the formal presentation of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) to an audience of long serving colleagues, suppliers, customers and business associates. The ceremony coincided with our 10th anniversary as a stand alone business, during which time we have completed many hundreds of orders to customers operating in most regions of the world.

A big thank you to all our business partners for helping us in this journey!

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