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Queen’s Award for International Trade 2019…

We are delighted to announce that KIRK Process Solutions Limited has won the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2019.


The award reflects the rapid growth in our export sales in the past 3 years, serving customers around the world. We have seen strong growth not just in our main cyclone product lines, but also our more general separator internals business as well as our consulting and software lines.

The whole team here would like to say a big thank you to our key component suppliers for supporting us through this expansion, and an even bigger one to our customers for their faith in our products and services.

Later this year we also celebrate 10 years of trading; it has been an incredible journey and one we look forward to continuing towards new heights.

Michael Kirk – Chief Executive

Queens Award Press Release KIRK 23-04-19

Exporting is Great…

Mike Kirk supports #ExportingisGREAT

We are pleased to be supporting the Government’s ‘Exporting is Great’ campaign. Thank you to all our customers and suppliers for helping us by promoting and encouraging open and free international trade to make the world a better place!


2018 Concludes with large vane pack order…

KIRK Process Solutions was pleased to be awarded orders in December for 20 of our KVH-1 and KVH-2 vane packs by a European customer for use in KO Drums in gas compression service.  Manufactured in SS 316L, the packs are due for delivery in February and March 2019.

See you at ADIPEC 2018…

We will be attending this year’s show and can be found around stand 14240.

It would be great to meet old friends and colleagues as well as new ones!

E-mail or call for an appointment.

See you there!


Additional KSME Swirltube Axial Cyclone Orders…


KIRK Process Solutions has recently been awarded several projects from different customers all requiring our high capacity axial flow cyclones for liquid mist removal from a range of gas streams at pressures between 10 and 80 bar.

These recent orders total almost 2000 units for both sour (NACE) and sweet applications.

KSRS Swirl Sand Removal Systems Orders…

KIRK Process Solutions has recently won several orders for horizontal 3 and 4 phase separator internals in the middle east from various customers, all requiring our KSRS Swirl Sand Removal Systems for the effective fluidisation and suction removal of settled solids in the base of the vessels.  These systems generally require lower flushing water consumption and pressure than equivalent, traditional jetting systems.

New multicyclone projects get underway…

KIRK Process has started engineering design on three projects requiring KMCE multicyclones for mainly solids removal from gas streams.

One is small and very high pressure, with 2 elements and an ID of 200mm; another for 3 vessels operates at medium-high pressure and with 30 to 50+ elements in ID’s of up to 1000mm; the third is low pressure and over 200 elements in an ID of 2000mm. All customers are located in the Asia / Asia-Pacific region.

KIRK’s unique design of low-cost, removable cyclone elements is proving to be an attractive benefit to customers and end users.

High Capacity Mist Removal for North Sea Retrofit


3D Rendering of the new box recently supplied to be installed into an existing column to capture incoming liquid carryover from upstream. The assembly comprises vane and baffle flow distribution, mesh agglomeration and axial cyclone demisting, followed by re-distribution at exit.

New Axial Cyclone Order Concludes Record Year for KPSL

The recent award for Phase II of a major project in Russia requiring over 3000 KSME Swirltubes (plus other separator internals) comes towards the end of a record year for sales for KIRK Process Solutions.

“KPSL Has managed to hold down our prices this year despite considerable upward pressure on materials costs, so helping us play our part assisting our core customers to secure more business” commented the Chief Executive, Mike Kirk. “In addition we have continued development work on our cyclones and other internals to further improve our competitiveness and technical edge in 2018” he added.

Axial Cyclone Deck

KSME Swirltubes

Horizontal Flow Axial Cyclone Projects


KIRK Process is undertaking two projects using horizontal flow swirltubes to remove mists from gas streams.  One is a retrofit into a customer’s existing TEG Contactor column located in the North Sea; the other is into a pair of new Filter-Separators on a petrochemical facility.  Space limitations dictated the selection.

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