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New multicyclone projects get underway…

KIRK Process has started engineering design on three projects requiring KMCE multicyclones for mainly solids removal from gas streams.

One is small and very high pressure, with 2 elements and an ID of 200mm; another for 3 vessels operates at medium-high pressure and with 30 to 50+ elements in ID’s of up to 1000mm; the third is low pressure and over 200 elements in an ID of 2000mm. All customers are located in the Asia / Asia-Pacific region.

KIRK’s unique design of low-cost, removable cyclone elements is proving to be an attractive benefit to customers and end users.

High Capacity Mist Removal for North Sea Retrofit


3D Rendering of the new box recently supplied to be installed into an existing column to capture incoming liquid carryover from upstream. The assembly comprises vane and baffle flow distribution, mesh agglomeration and axial cyclone demisting, followed by re-distribution at exit.

New Axial Cyclone Order Concludes Record Year for KPSL

The recent award for Phase II of a major project in Russia requiring over 3000 KSME Swirltubes (plus other separator internals) comes towards the end of a record year for sales for KIRK Process Solutions.

“KPSL Has managed to hold down our prices this year despite considerable upward pressure on materials costs, so helping us play our part assisting our core customers to secure more business” commented the Chief Executive, Mike Kirk. “In addition we have continued development work on our cyclones and other internals to further improve our competitiveness and technical edge in 2018” he added.

Axial Cyclone Deck

KSME Swirltubes

Horizontal Flow Axial Cyclone Projects


KIRK Process is undertaking two projects using horizontal flow swirltubes to remove mists from gas streams.  One is a retrofit into a customer’s existing TEG Contactor column located in the North Sea; the other is into a pair of new Filter-Separators on a petrochemical facility.  Space limitations dictated the selection.

KIRK Awarded Internals Contract for 4 Large Gas Separators

KVH-2 Pocketed Vane Mist Eliminator

Following on from a similar project a few years ago, KIRK Process has been awarded a repeat contract for four large, HP gas scrubbers, each fitted with KVID multi-vane inlet diffusers and 4-bank KVH-2 pocketed vane mist eliminators.  The scope includes Russian translation of project documents and drawings as well as the regulatory material passports and GOST approvals.

Major Order for Mass Transfer & Demisting Swirltubes


KVID Inlet Diffusers

Swirltubes during manufacture

KSME Swirltubes


A customer in Germany has placed an order for several thousand axial cyclones with a mixture of mass transfer and separation duties.  Due to be delivered during May 2017 the project involves multiple scrubber vessels for an end user in Russia.  We are also supplying our KVID Multi-Vane Inlet Diffusers as part of the scope.


KMCE Multi-Cyclones for Australia

KIRK Multicyclone Separator

Finite Element Analysis of Seal Plates

KIRK Multicyclone Element

Computational Fluid Dynamics

A prestigious project was recently awarded to KIRK Process Solutions to supply a KMCE-80 Multi-Cyclone Tube Bundle for offshore Australia.





The project uses 175 qty removable cyclones inside a 1.9m diameter gas scrubber vessel.  As part of the project KPSL undertook a CFD study of the cyclone performance as well as the FEA design of the seal plates for mechanical integrity.

On-Site Installation Completed….

mdeKIRK Process recently supervised the installation of internals into a number of Separators for a client in the Middle East.  The pressure vessels ranged up to 2,100 mm ID x 10,000 mm long and were fitted with KVID vane inlet diffusers, KMP matrix coalescer packs and KWM mist eliminators as well as baffles and other liquid distributors.

New orders in Q1…

GRP SME2 (2)Despite the slow down in the oil production led business sector, we were pleased to receive a steady flow of orders in Q1 covering our full range of products and services.  Several contracts were concluded for our process consultancy service including all aspects of separator internals design such as inlet cyclones and coalescer packs.  We also saw increases in business for our KWM mesh mist eliminators, plus some larger orders covering our KVID inlet diffusers and KVH vane pack demisters.  Two new contracts for our KSME swirl mist eliminators were also received – one of which utilises our cost effective and low weight polyamide variant.


SEP-Calc Software now used by 30 customers…

SEP-Calc 1Early in 2016 KIRK Process Solutions were pleased to add our 30th Licensee of SEP-Calc separator design software.  These popular design spreadsheets are now used throughout the world by a wide range of customers active in the oil and gas separation business, including operators, process houses, fabricators and specialist internals companies who are keen to take advantage of the competitive technical edge available.

SEP-Calc is available in a range of modules designed as specialist, easy-to-use tools to assist designers to optimise the detailed design and performance of gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation equipment.

Licenses are not time limited and have unrestricted user numbers at the licensee’s site, unlike competing products, so are seen as very cost-effective and user friendly.

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