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KMCE Multicyclones

Removable Multicyclones Improve Maintenance

KMCE Removable Multicyclones provide compact and economic solutions to fine particle separation at low, medium and high pressure

The KMCE Multicyclone element provides a high degree of separation of fine and coarse dust and dirt even at high operating pressures. They can also effectively handle light liquid loads.

Due to its high efficiency it is ideal for protecting downstream equipment from damage or blockage caused by solids build-up.

KMCE Multicyclone showing CFD Trails

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Typical installations include:

  • ♦ Protection of filters and extension of filter life
  • ♦ Pipeline debris removal before compression
  • ♦ Fuel gas cleaning
  • ♦ Black powder removal
  • ♦ Bulk liquid/solid removal applications


Our KMCE elements offer end users the benefit of being removable for occasional maintenance or replacement, also adding to operating flexibility by easily allowing capacity changes through fitting or removing blank plugs.

Multicyclones are installed between two seal plates. Gas is introduced between the plates and debris exits via the bottom cone outlets into the vessel sump, whilst cleaned gas exits from the upper vortex tubes to the top of the vessel.

Seal plates can be furnished by us or by the customer.  They are normally welded in, but removable styles are available.

Removal efficiencies for solids can be 5 microns or better; for liquids 8 microns or better.  Performance and pressure drop depends on actual operating conditions. High liquid loads or slugging applications may require an initial KO section before entering the cyclones.

KMCE Multicyclone Bundle

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